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The Museum Volunteer Program (MVP) is our exchange deal with the Museum of Science and History.  We get to have our meetings there and, in exchange, we hold a reptile exhibit once a month.  All members are asked to give a little time to this program whenever possible.  Unless otherwise notified - at a meeting, online, or in Coldblooded (print newsletter) - the MVP day is held on the second Saturday of each month from 10am until 3pm.  There are no restrictions on when to arrive or how long you must stay.  It is up to you.   Bring whatever you like or nothing but yourself.  You can always be of help just talking to the museum visitors.  PLEASE, NO VENOMOUS ANIMALS! 

We must keep this program alive.   It is an excellent way to promote our society and to educate the general public about reptiles.  Please do your share and attend a few MVP days each year.

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Tonca's Birthday Bash - 2001.  Click HERE for a summary.

MARCH 2004

Highlights of the March MVP.  Thank you Richard Rooker, Lexi, and John James for your time at the March MVP.
John and Lexi man the table a happy visitor handles a corn snake.
Lexi with her corn snake.
Lexi calmly shows off her snake to several youngsters who were eager to touch the reptile.
John and his ball python.
John with a beautiful carpet python.
Lexi shows a boy how its done!

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