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Museum Volunteer Program
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JULY 2001

Tonca's birthday party was a smash!  There were countless people there to wish Tonca (an Alligator Snapping Turtle) a happy birthday.  Tonca was taken out of his tank for his annual checkup and weighed in at 82 pounds!  Dr. John Rossi from the Riverside Animal Hospital was on hand to to perform the routine checkup.

Here are some of Tonca's measurements on July 14, 2001 (caught October 1994)

weight 82 pounds
carapace length 21 inches
carapace width 17.8 inches
head width 6.6 inches
Because there are so many photos from this months MVP I wanted to keep page loading time down.   For this MVP I will place thumbnails on this page with links to the different events that went on.

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handling public viewing speakers JHS participation
Click HERE for a few close-ups of Tonca

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