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Tonca's Birthday  -  2003

JULY 2003

Tonca's birthday party was a smash!  There were countless people there to wish Tonca (an Alligator Snapping Turtle) a happy birthday.  Tonca was taken out of his tank for his annual checkup and weighed in at 103 pounds!  There were several gueast speakers including Dr. Joe Butler (UNF), Paul Moler (FL FWS), and George Heinrich (who studies gopher tortoises). They all gave very informative talks on chelonian topics. Thanks to all the JHS members who attended. Sorry Sandra. I did not get any photos of you there.

Here are some of Tonca's measurements on July 12, 2003 (caught October 1994)

weight 103 pounds
carapace length xx inches
carapace width xx inches
head width xx inches
Robert Hayes (Tonca's captor), steps on the scale to weigh Tonca. Photo: Richard Rooker Jean Schubert, JHS members and curator at the MOSH, takes Tonca to the public for a happy birthday song. Photo: Richard Rooker Two unknown kids that are really having fun with John's pixie frog.

Laurie Livingston and Fran Rivard (background) always enjoy taking the snakes out. John James is famous for his pixie frog! Manny surrounded by two georgous women, his wife Yvonne on the left and Lynn Monlezun on the right.

Chris Evans and one of his ball pythons Kyle Evans and a beautiful rainbow boa. Kim Evans keep the interest in the family.

Dave and Jennifer Meadors enjoying the afternoon. Leslie Calloway, a regular fixture at the MVP, shows off her leopard gecko. Vic Morgan was a huge success with his rare Burmese mountain tortoises hatching for the visitors. What timing!

Richard Rooker brought his redfoot tortoises, including a few recent hatchlings. Vic speaks to the news about the rarity of his tortoises and the importance of the Turtle Survival Alliance and its importance in helping with the Asian turtle Crisis Mike Monlezun takes his yellow rat snake out for the visitors.