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JULY 2003


Hello all,

First, I want to thank my lovely wife, Lynn, for an outstanding job as President last year. She definitely had MY vote for 2 years in a row! I hope we can keep the momentum going from her tenure.

I would like to keep things going strong and work on some other projects as well. One is a brochure of the snakes of Duval County, that can be distributed in a variety of places. This would serve as a quick reference of identification of local snakes and include basic information about the venomous snakes, snakebite prevention, and first aid.
Another project is a collection of some professional quality display boards with information on a variety of topics that can be used for exhibits and functions that we participate in. We (the board) are always open to suggestions and ideas. This is YOUR JHS! Your help will always be welcomed and appreciated. Help with the above listed projects is needed. Help is also needed for the newsletter. Details are on page 6.
Several people changed postions on the board, and I would like to welcome our two NEW members to the board; Dave Meadors - Secretary, and Stephen Brezil - Member-at-large.

Please make every effort to attend the July meeting. Manny Granados promises to be VERY entertaining! See you then.


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