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Hello friends,

We had a very special event occur the day of our Christmas party. Elizabeth Wells had a baby girl, Emylie. We also had a wedding in December. Richard Rooker and Samantha Rubin tied the knot. (1.1 Jaxherpers, as Manny called them) Photos of the happy couple and the new baby appear elsewhere in this newsletter.
Those of you who deal with turtles of any kind, BEWARE! Some local officials are trying to use an old (local) law to ensure that anyone dealing with turtles has documentation that shows they are free from salmonella. These officials have already struck a couple of pet stores. Vic Morgan and Manny Granados are monitoring this situation and will present any useful information they find at the next board meeting.
I would like to thank EVERYONE who worked so hard to make the Christmas party a success! I would especially like to thank the board members for their cooperation and enthusiasm for not only the Christmas party, but for everything that has been important to the JHS. This has made my job much easier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and remember the meeting is January 8th (second Wednesday). See you there.


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