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Greetings everyone.   January’s weather has had me dreaming of one thing and one thing only…MORE HOUSE SPACE.   I bet most of us have been living in cramped quarters lately with most or all of our herps indoors.  A recent visit to Vic Morgan’s confirmed I’m not alone on this issue.  Hang in there, spring is just around the corner.

One goal of the JHS is to increase our membership for 2001.  If you happen to know a friend who hasn’t attended recently, maybe give them a call or ask them to come in with you next time.  We are very fortunate to have such a strong society, and increasing our size can only make us better.  Although the society strives for new membership at different functions throughout the year, it is so important for each of us to put forth effort individually for the society to remain so successful. 

Have any great ideas?  We sure hear a lot of them at the board meetings, and I would encourage everyone (Board member or not) to bring forth suggestions or comments for activities, speakers, conservation projects, field trips, etc.  Let those creative juices flow and let your voice be heard!


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