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APRIL 2003


Hello friends,

First, I would like to convey my condolences to Sandra Wade after the passing of her husband last month. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.
I would also like to thank Shawn Dunn for the donation he made on behalf of the JHS. He visited the Lake Jackson Ecopassage in Tallahassee recently and was so impressed by their efforts to save turtles and other wildlife from becoming road mortalities, that he made a donation in the name of the JHS. More info and the link can be found in this newsletter.
I would like to apologize for my absence at the MOSH for their annual function (which is normally held at Treaty Oak Park). My father passed away and we were in Louisiana for the week.
We would also like to keep our military members, friends and family in out thoughts and prayers during these times of war. We pray for their safe return soon.
See you at the Show & Tell, Swap & Sell!


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