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Annual Christmas Party - 2005

Thanks to all who attended and those who worked hard to make it happen. The Chinese Raffle was another success, as usual. Chinese Raffle primer -  All participants bring a wrapped gift of predetermined value.  Everyone is draws a number out of a hat.  Number "1" selects the any gift, unwraps it and for the moment, is stuck with it.  Number "2" picks a gift, unwraps it, and chooses to keep it, or trade with any previously selected gifts.  Number "3" does the same thing, and has 2 other gifts to choose from.  This continues until the last number goes through the procedure.  Then, number "1" who did not have any previously opened gifts to choose from, get to choose from ALL of the gifts.  Each year, there is usually one or two popular gifts that change hands frequently.  The "favorite gift" this year, the one that passed the most hands, was the book titled, "The Ultimate Guide to Snakes and Reptiles" by Derek Hall.  (I always thought that snakes ARE reptiles!)   This book changes hands 11 times!!  There was plenty of food, Christmas music, and friendship.  We welcomed a few new members and a few old ones as well.  Once again, thanks to everyone who attended.

This is all the members who, at one time, had possession of the book.  

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