The JHS is pleased to continue to offer our annual scholarship in the amount of $250 to prospective students of herpetology or related fields in post-secondary studies.  This scholarship is open to any JHS member or their immediate family.

      Eligibility:  Open to any member of the Jacksonville Herpetological Society or their immediate family (spouse or child) who enrolls in an accredited institution of higher education in the fields of wildlife/conservation, herpetology, or related course that can expand the knowledge in the field of Reptile and Amphibian Conservation, Education and Captive propagation.  The goal of this scholarship is to aid a qualified student who can, in turn, share the benefits of his/her knowledge gained with the Jacksonville Herpetological Society.

      Grade Point Average:  An overall GPA of 3.0 is required in college or high school.  Include appropriate transcripts.

      Essay:  A 500 word essay is required.  The subject matter is herpetology and other science fields related to herpetology.  The essay title is, What attracted me to this field of study?

      Deadline:  All eligible candidates are encouraged to complete the attached application and submit by March general meeting to:


Jacksonville Herpetological Society

Education Scholarship Application

P.O. Box 57954

Jacksonville, FL  32241


      Notification:  The scholarship is awarded once a year.  Based on candidates applying, notification will occur in time for registration of selected semester.  All monies will be deposited at college of choice.

Click HERE for an application (MS Word document)