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Tonca's Birthday  -  2005

JULY 2005

The JHS continued our association with Tonca at the MOSH by again providing assistance with the party.  We had several volunteers that were more than happy to help Tonca out of his tank for his annual check-up, done by Dr. Rossi.  The photo to the left shows several members helping get Tonca out of the tank.  Tonca was recently moved to this temporary outdoor tank while his new tank is being built.  It should be ready towards the end of this year or very early next year.

We had 17 members manning our tables in the reptile room.  Darla Gonzalez, Bob Shumaker, John James, Tim Hall, Margery Johnston, Cyndi Betz, Kristin Neilson, Steve Gott, Brittany Newman, Bruce James, Teresa Ramsey, Manny & Yvonne Granados, Jeff Nager, Shawn & Nicole Jenkins, and Mike Monlezun were there for the day.  We had several animals there, which included a chameleon, a few tortoises and turtles, ball pythons, and a boa.

Left to right: Robert Hayes (who caught Tonca), Steve Gott, John James, Manny Granados, and Shawn Jenkins, with Brittany Newman in the background.  

Here are some of Tonca's measurements on July 9, 2005 (caught October 1994 as a 25 pounder)

weight 112 pounds
carapace length 23.75 inches
carapace width 18.5 inches
head width ? inches
The crew that man-handled Tonca.  See names above.   Tonca gets wheeled out by Shawn, John, Jeff, and Steve

Steve with his Fly River turtle   Brittany and Steve with Tonca

Steve and Manny wrestle to control Tonca on the table   Steve's Fly River turtle was the most unusual herp brought in.

Who's got the biggest mouth?   The crowd to see Tonca was large as usual

Cyndi Betz with her Russian and leopard tortoises   Jeff helps a girl overcome her fear of snakes.

Bob's boa was a huge hit   Bruce and Jeff  at the table

Margery and Darla before the crowds came   Steve shows off his Fly River turtle

Bruce James mans the table for awhile   After all of the excitement, Dr. Rossi draws blood as part of the annual check-up.