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Greg Lepera was our guest speaker for September   Herps at the Jacksonville Zoo
Greg enlightened us on the many herps at the Jacksonville Zoo.  His slide presentation showed us the exhibits at the zoo from both sides.  One of the many interesting things he showed us was one of the shift boxes used in the green mamba cages.  These boxes have one side that is moveable and slides toward the other side to press the snake on one side of the box to enable close physical contact with the snake, such as when giving an injection.  There was also a place to insert a tube so the snake can be contained outside of the box.  Greg modeled one of mambas in this fashion and it looked like he had a pretty cool "living" walking stick!

Greg's sense of humor and excellent delivery made his presentation very enjoyable for members of all ages.  Greg's talk showed us that he truly loves his job.  For a price, he can probably be hired out to convert non-herping parents or spouses.  He worked his magic on his mother-in-law; yours could be next!

For all of the stories Greg did not have time to tell, please send all inquiries to Mike Monlezun.

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