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JULY 2002


As outgoing president, I would like to thank everyone who helped me this year. The board did an outstanding job keeping things running during my busy schedule since 9-11. We hit a rough spell this year, but we are still growing. Several new members this past year have impressed me, and they will be our future. On the opposite hand of gaining members, we are also losing a few valued members as well. Russ and Leza Williams are moving a few hours south of here and their participation will be missed. Iím sure we can get them to come to several meetings a year, though. Steve and Brenda Scoates will be heading north to New York in the fall. They have also been an integral part of the JHS.

There are new ideas being brought up and this next year looks like another banner year for the JHS. This can only occur with members volunteering for various activities. There are a few field trips, the MVP, educational exhibits and such that are available. If you want to volunteer for ANYTHING, contact ANY board member, and better yet, attend a board meeting to bring up an idea.

Thanks for an awesome year


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