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Letter From the Prez

August 2005

Hello Friends,

I would like to start this letter by thanking everyone who participated in Toncaís Birthday Bash. We were very well represented and had lots of fun! For those who missed this year, hope you can make it next year. Thank you again.

We need your help. We are in desperate need of volunteers to help Janine Wells reorganize the JHS library. We have had a few volunteers, but we need more. In order to have a functioning library, we as JHS members need to volunteer our time for this beneficial undertaking. The more volunteers we have, the less time it would take to organize our library and make it available for all members to enjoy. Please contact Janine Wells or myself to volunteer.

We are very pleased to have Terry Farrell from Stetson University as our guest speaker this month. He and his "Pig Team" are well known for their research on pygmy rattlesnakes. You can preview their work on their website at

Please remember to bring items for the raffle and start gathering items for the auction in October. The auction is a meeting not to be missed.

See you soon,


PS. Donít forget to check out the Young Herpers Corner and give us feedback.

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