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Letter From the Prez

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August 2004

Well, its "Daja Vu all over again", (Yoga Berra)  Lots of things have happened in herpetoculture since I was president in 1992-96. Most noticeably, lower prices (in most cases) and availability of herps. There are reptile shows every month and shopping on the Internet is commonplace. Economically for herpers its a buyers market. Albino boas in 1992 were 7-$10,000 now 1200-$1400. Reptiles that cost a fortune or were unable to obtain are now available through successful captive breeding from a few risk takers that spent $20,000-$40,000 on wild caught freak snakes. Laissais fair herpenomics in its finest hour. "Go on take the money and run." *Steve Miller.

Sorry to kill the mood, but during this same time period 90 species of turtles in Asia have nearly been wiped off the face of the earth.The Chinese box turtle Cuora flavomarginata and the flower back box turtle C.galbinifrons, that were once pet shop cheepies are now very rare with a value increase of 500-1000% They are being shipped illegally to China for food by the megatons. "That is not our fate, so let us not talk falsely now the hour is getting late." *B. Dylan.

Lookin forward to bein’ pres again and part of a 17 year herpetological journey, lettin’ folks know about herps and how they can affect our life. Especially if one brings a critter home and puts it in a tank! Spread the word on all the fun.

We have the biggest reptile meeting in the world coming up August 14-15 in Daytona. if you’ve gone before, you hear it calling you back! If you’ve never gone, it will change your life! "Instant karma is going to get ya, it’s going to knock you off your feet." *J. Lennon

~Vic Morgan

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