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Itís that time of year again to introduce a new president.  Well, here I am.  Many of you know me already.  For those of you who do not know me, please introduce yourself to me at the meetings.  I will try to make my rounds to meet you first, though.  It is only fitting that I take over since Vic was a turtle guy, Joe a lizard guy, and now me, a snake guy.  For those of you who do not know me, here is a quick rundown:  I spent 11 years active duty Air Force, got out and went back to school, worked as a reptile keeper at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo during part of that time, graduated from the University of Louisiana Ė Monroe (1999) and am now teaching 7th grade science at Fort Caroline Middle School.  I am also in the Florida Air National Guard (F-15ís) at Jax IAP.  Since moving here last year, I have loved every minute of this organization.  It is a far cry from what I was exposed to in Louisiana.  Do not expect drastic changes, but I will make every effort to keep this society running smooth (even if we are paddling like hell below the surface!)  Look forward to many of the great features of the past such as excellent guest speakers and awesome field trips.

One last thing.  Preliminary work has been started on the "Not so famous members" page of this website.  This is where I will interview members whose experience goes beyond the JHS.  Examples will include those who are active participants in other notable organizations, authors, or others who have had a big impact on the herp world in one way or another.  The first person has already been selected.  If it is successful, I would like to continue the trend.  If you know of a worthy individual, please email me or let me know at a meeting.

~ Mike

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