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Letter From the Prez

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April 2004

Hello all,

It's been awhile since I updated this column on the web.  The JHS has been quite busy this past year, and it's almost time for a change of command.  Please think about nominations for the May meeting and then the elections in June.  The photo contest/animal contest/exhibit contest was well attended and some newer members took some of the awards.  Nice job to all who participated.  I apologize for the goof up on the ballots.  It will not be done in the same manner again next year.  It will be streamlined to ensure quicker results.

We still are looking for a newsletter editor who can step right in and produce a quality newsletter.  True, the web is a way to get up to date information out quicker, but there are still a few who do not have access on a regular basis, and a print version is still useful to many members. 

Please let me know what you think about the new design for the website.  Also let me know about any broken links, as there will probably be a few as I switch over.

See you May 5.


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