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2001 National Reptile Breeders Expo  -  Daytona, Florida

This year's expo was a huge success!  The JHS had a few members with tables set up and Vic Morgan was one of the speakers.  Steve and Brenda are making the expo's a regularly scheduled part-time job.  JHS exhibitors included Vic Morgan with his mountain tortoises and water dragons, Richard Rooker and Samantha, and his boas, and Manny and Yvonne (Myexotix) with their colubrids featuring the various morphs of black rat snakes.  I was only able to make it on Saturday, but saw several members there.  I, along with my lovely wife Lynn, Tony, and Cindy brought along Elizabeth Ray.  I also saw Sandra Wade, Margery Johnston, and Walter Cocking and his wife.  I'm sure I missed other members who attended, but these are who I saw on Saturday.  Below, I will share several photos of the expo.  Enjoy!!!!!

A bird's eye view Brenda taking a break between jobs. Steve was guarding the door from the riff raff Cindy, Tony, and Elizabeth get Mark O'Shea's autograph
Vic Morgan Vic and Chuck Manny and Yvonne - working Manny and Yvonne - striking a pose
Richard, Samantha and Lexi No explanation needed!!!