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Florida Herp News

Here you will find links to many news articles that have herp news related to Florida.  Most of these articles were found either in Herp Digest, or the forums.
Jan 17, 05 Tortoise disease divides experts - Scientists discuss burying tortoises      
Jan 14, 05 Iguana Study Planned      
Jan 8, 05 Advocate: Don't bury tortoises      
Jan 5. 05 Unwanted Snakes too Often Turned Loose      
Jan 4, 05 Firetruck Used to Pull 400 lb. Alligator From Creek      
Jan 1, 05 Pooch vs Pythons:  Beagle Searches for Pythons in Everglades      
Jan 1, 05 Humane Society Seizes Herps From Vero Pet Store