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South Florida field trip

Recently a group of five JHS member’s lead by Joe Burgess took a 4-day trip to S. Florida to see native and introduced herps. Joe’s knowledge of Inguanids (which account for almost 1/3 of the introduced species) and locations where they live made this trip very rewarding. Some of the introduced species occupy area’s of only one square kilometer, so knowing where to find them is crucial. The group explored urban areas, city parks and natural environments at the edge of Everglades National Park in search of reptiles. They also visited some reptile importers to see what was available and came home with a few new critters. 

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Trip participants Florida snapping turtle Jamaican Giant Anole

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Cane Toad Brown Basilisk Kight Anole

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Spint-tailed Iguana Whiptail
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