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Member Profiles

Name: Brittany Brubeck-Newman   Age: 18  

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City: Tampa   State: FL
Regular job: student
Brief Life History:  I graduated from high school this year and will be attending the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL starting the end of August.  My history with herps began at the Jacksonville Zoo as an Education Keeper Assistant, and then the last two years as a Teen Herpetology Keeper Assistant. I am going to school to become a zoological veterinarian with the goal of opening my own herp clinic way down the road.

Primary herp interests: My herp interests started broad and have turned mostly to turtles, tortoises, and snakes.

Why did you join the JHS and what do you want to get out of your membership?  I joined JHS to meet others who had a love for herps and had the willingness to share their knowledge with anyone truly interested.

What has been your favorite JHS experience?  My favorite JHS experience has to have been Tonca’s Birthday this year. I was given the opportunity to get up close and personal with one big turtle, as well as see what the JHS is truly about-educating the public on herps.