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Member Profiles

Name: Cyndi Betz   Age: NOYB  

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City: St. Mary's    State: GA
Regular job: Being married to a full time career sailor is job enough for me
Brief Life History:  When we first started dating, my husband brought over a baby Eastern Hognose Snake and put it in a terrarium I had in my living room.  It was so cute.  Since then we have never had a moment without snakes in the house.  I found that tortoises are the most amazing creatures and have been slowly building a herd or two.

Primary herp interests: I am primarily interested in turtles and tortoises although Bearded Dragons are lots of fun too.  Somehow I wound up taking care of all of my husbandís snakes while he is at sea and I have gotten quite good at that.  I even have a few snakes of my own but torts are my favorites.

Why did you join the JHS and what do you want to get out of your membership?  Have you met my husband?  How could we not be members?  Seriously, though, I have met some good friends through the Jax Herp Society and I love to come for the friendships I have made here. 

What has been your favorite JHS experience?   I enjoyed the field trip to Osceola National Forest to go herping with the society.  Lynne and I found a Corn Snake that the men couldnít even catch and we had a great time herping and talking to the Rangers that stopped by to check on us.