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The following is a list of JHS members who wanted their email address published.  If you are a member and not on this list and wish to be, email me to have it changed.  
Karl & Cyndi Betz
Stephen Brezil Member-at-large
Joe Burgess Past President (2000-2001)
Miguel Crespo
Jeff Croasmun Sergeant-at-Arms
Dave Foust Family
Mike Frase 
Manny & Yvonne Granados 
Margery Johnston Member-at-large
George Kolaz
Joanna Krywko 
Dave Meadors Newsletter Editor
Lynn Monlezun Past President (2002-2003)
Mike Monlezun President (2001-2002; current)
Vic Morgan Past President (several times) Member-at-large
Elizabeth Ray
Joel Roberts & Family Member-at-large
Richard Rooker Member-at-large
Samantha Rooker Vice President
Mary Lee Manley
Sandra Wade Treasurer
Christian Wells  
Rick Wells Sergeant-at-Arms
Clint & Kim Wilkinson
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