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May 2004

Stephen Brezil and Joel Roberts - Raising Mealworms

Stephen Brezil and Joel Roberts gave very informative and sometimes entertaining presentations on raising various types of mealworms.  They each gave their own methods of feeding them which worked best for them.  According to them, it seems as if the large scale breeders of these worms closely guard their methods of success.  At any rate, raising worms on your own is definitely cost effective if you have a lot of mouths to feed.


Nominations for the next board of directors also took place.  They are as follows: 

President -  Vic Morgan.

Vice President -  Jeff Croasmun.

Treasurer Manny Granados.

Secretary Debi Carmichael and Samantha Rooker.

Sergeant-at-arms Steve Thomas, John Spafford, and Rob Shumaker.

Members-at-large Laurie Livingston, Fran Rivard, Clent Wilkinson, Steve Thomas, Shelly Hubber, and Lori Grisco.


Our speaker for June will be Richard Rooker as they present part II of their visit with Bob Clark.  Bill Love will be our speaker in August and he will present Madagascar to us.


Joel Roberts


Stephen Brezil

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