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June 2004

Richard Rooker - A Visit with Bob Clark part II

Richard gave another excellent slide show of his visit with Bob Clark.  Bob is a longtime reptile enthusiast and, with a Masters Degree in Herpetology, has used that knowledge to fuel his now very successful business.  Richard's photos of Bob's animals was truly amazing.  The history behind these different high dollar morphs of some of the constrictors is pretty fascinating.  For the details on these, see any of the 5 or 6 feature articles by Bob Clark in the Reptiles magazine.





Top - Bob Clark

Bottom - Richard Rooker




Congratulations to the new JHS board.  They are as follows: 

President -  Vic Morgan.

Vice President -  Jeff Croasmun.

Treasurer Manny Granados.

Secretary Debi Carmichael.

Sergeant-at-arms Steve Thomas and Rob Shumaker.

Members-at-large Shelly Hubber and Lori Grisco. (plus Richard Rooker, Stephen Brezil, and Joel Roberts, who have one more year)


Click HERE for photos of the new board.




Our new old President....Or is it our old new President?

Vic Morgan

Those who have been to Vic's place usually get welcomed by his tortoises.

One of Vic's pride and joys; a Mountain Tortoise, Manouria emys, reaching for a pear.

Hatchling Manouria sp.






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