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Travis Cossette was our June speaker   KEEPING VENOMOUS SNAKES
Travis Cossette, who filled in for our own Matt Crews, introduced us to keeping venomous snakes in captivity. Travis, who is currently working at the University of Florida in biomedical research, gave an entertaining presentation, complete with the humorous aspects (usually poking fun at people who do stupid things). He covered the gamut ranging from why people keep them, risks and mistakes, Florida state regulations, housing and handling of the venomous snakes.
  NOTE: Anyone interested in keeping venomous snakes here in Florida has to have a permit issued by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. It is in their best interest to network with current venomous keepers, as one of the requirements is to log 1000 hours experience under the guidance of a currently permitted venomous keeper. THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!!!!! Safety is the word and meticulous attention to detail is a must if one is to have a long, happy life working with these beautiful, but potentially lethal serpents.
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