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July 2004

Frank Starbach - The Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol

The July meeting was well attended to see Frank Starbach inform us about a well kept secret here in town.  Jacksonville is only about a dozen miles from the beach, but unless you live AT the beach, you probably have no idea what goes on there.

Sea turtles have captured the hearts of the public much better than many of the other reptiles that are just as, or more endangered. Fortunately for us, we live in an area where we can take an active part in helping with these beautiful creatures. The Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol is a non-profit organization that covers the entire Duval County beaches. "Our goal is to keep the sea turtle population from experiencing a downward trend which could be irreversible."

Frank introduced us to the the turtles with a video from the FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission called, "A Beachcombers Guide to Turtle Watching." It was an excellent video that showed the whole process of the turtle crawling on the beach, digging her nest, laying her eggs, and then covering them up.

There are many too facets of the whole topic to get into here. Please visit their website, "" or call them at 241-7631 or 242-8111. their website has a lot of stuff on it, including nest locations with laying dates and potential hatch dates. There are also a few photos. Definitely worth visiting! Thanks Frank for an outstanding presentation.



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