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April 19
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Earth Day - April 19, 2003

Earth Day 2003 at the Jacksonville Landing was a great time! For those of you who did not make it, shame on you! Just a reminder - two parts of our mission are CONSERVATION and EDUCATION.
Earth Day 2003 was the perfect way for us to promote both. The JHS table, compliments of the MOSH, enabled is to promote our society and disseminate information to the curious and misinformed public.

All four members in attendance participated. Mike and Lynn Monlezun set up the table, complete with literature and 2 local snakes (Florida pine and Florida king). Sandra Wade came and handled the kingsnake for passersby. The kingsnake even gave Sandra a present (Ask her about it!). Jean Shubert, Curator of Animals at the MOSH, and JHS member, manned the LEEF (League of Environmental Educators) table and conducted a presentation on some native herps in the capacity of MOSH employee.

Thanks to the participants and we hope that this can grow into something bigger next year!

Photos will be added soon
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