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DEC  2002

Annual Christmas Party

The annual Christmas party was well attended and what has seemed to become a tradition in the JHS, the Chinese Raffle was once again held.  For those who don't know what a Chinese raffle is, you are missing out on a great time!  Everyone supplies a gift (with no names on them).  Everyone then draws numbers.  The person with number "1" picks any gift they want from the table, opens it, and sits down.  Number "2" picks next and after 1202samantha.jpg (3874 bytes)unwrapping their gift, can either A) keep it, of B) swap with anyone that went before them.  This rule applies for everyone until everyone has picked a present.  Then, the person with number "1" gets to choose to swap with anyone, since they had no one to swap with during their turn.  During the raffle many gifts exchange hands several times.  One can never get to comfortable with the gift they have because they might not have it for long.  No one is safe; not women and children, or even elderly folks.  Everyone is fair game!  This is an awesome time.  

We thank everyone who came and enjoyed themselves.  For those who missed it, make it on your calendars now for next year's edition. (December 3rd)  An extra thanks goes out to the MOSH for having the room look very nice with their own decorations and to those who helped with the speedy cleanup at the end.  We hope each and everyone of you have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

I took about 100 pictures at the party.  if anyone wants the entire set, please provide me with a blank CD and I will put them on it for you.  Get a CD to me at your convenience and I will return the CD to you at the next scheduled meeting unless other arrangements are made.  Each photo is approx 1 MB, so emailing them as a zipped file is an option.


Lynn welcomes members to the party.  There was a very nice turnout for the 2002 edition. A few of our younger members share a few laughs while eating.  (Elizabeth will have a different kind of smile later when Lynn comes and takes her t-shirt away!)