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Sept 2005

RJ's Reptile Dreams


We have the following for sale:

CB Hatchling Corns

Assorted colors and patterns awesome beauties starting @ $20.00

CB Hatchling Kenyan Sand Boas

Normals, Axanthic, Axanthic het for Albino Paradox, Normals het for Albino Paradox and cream of the crop  Albino Paradox starting

Prices start @ $45.00

Normal Reticulated Python Male 8’ $175.00

Tiger Reticulated Python Male 11’ $350.00

CB Hatchling Leopard Geckos starting @ $25.00

Richard and Janine Wells and Jeff Croasmun

RJ’s Reptile Dreams

904 783-3187


Nov 2004  

All of these babies hatched in August, 2004. They are all eating well and are off to a great start. These would make that reptile lover in your family a special Gift anytime of the year. Only a few colors left, so order today. Shipping is available to your door.
10% discount for all JHS members.........

Anerythristic (Black Albino)  ------- $25.

Snow corns ---------------------------------$30.

Amelanistic (Red Albino)  -----------$30.

Classic corn Het for Bloodred -----$20.

Ghost corns ---------------------------------$30.

Creamsicle ----------------------------------$35.

email --
     Phone ---(904) 824-0852
Member Jacksonville Herpetological Society and League of
Florida Herpetological Societies



June 2004

LB Reptiles

  Specializing in Columbian Red Tail Boas and selective Colubrids
  Bob and Liz Shumaker
  (904) 786-3699  Also used for boa rescue
  Members:  Jacksonville Herpetological Society and League of Florida Herpetological Societies

May 2004

Ray Evans

  For Sale

1.0 Miami phase $50 (proven breeder)

  1.1 Albinos $55 each
  0.0.1 Normal $10 (non-breedable)
  0.1 Charcaol $20
  2.2 Grey-bands $100/pair

2.0 Ball pythons (big $50 / small $30)


1.1 Brazilian Rainbows – 5ft. $450/pair with 7ft wooden enclosure


1.0 Brazilian Rainbow – 4ft. $175


0.1 Brazilian Rainbow – 32 in. $175

  Bearded Dragons:

0.0.2 normals – mediums sized, $45 each, or $70 for BOTH


Contact Ray or Kyle Evans  (904) 743-9871.


Would prefer local pick-up.

Sep 2003

Richard and Janine Wells


Custom built cages for pythons, boas, colubrids, etc. AND rack systems

Inquire for estimates

Richard Wells
(904) 783-3187



My Exotix

Jan 2004

(Nearly) all our snakes and leopard geckos must go.

Yvonne has priced her full-grown adult geckos (normals, rev. stripes, high yellow, rainbows), mostly males, at $25. Females will only be sold in pairs for $50/pr or reverse trios for $60.
Too many breeder and holdback colubrids to list individually, please call for details.
2 racks - perfect for a garage - to breed your own mice.

We accept PayPal

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Please see our website for available trade/sale animals.

BREED YOUR OWN RODENTS   See for details.

leopardgecko1.jpg (48827 bytes) pueblan1.jpg (58644 bytes) calking1.jpg (40719 bytes)
Manny and Yvonne Granados
PO Box 600113,  Jacksonville, FL   32260-0113
(904) 287-3110

Feb 2001

Vic Morgan

  FOR SALE  BURMESE MOUNTAIN TORTOISES Manouria emys phayrei  '01 hatchlings (currently hatching)  $300
hatching  Aug 2, 2001 The "Old Mama"
WILL TRADE  BURMESE MOUNTAIN TORTOISES  for manual labor on small tortoise farm, part-time.  These tortoises are rarely bred in captivity and are becoming scarce in the wild.  Hatchlings sold in 1995 have quadrupled in value.  SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY--- Background checks done.  I also have other tortoises I may be willing to trade for services.
Vic Morgan   (Jax)  (904) 260-9274

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