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Brenda Carlson Memorial Award

The Brenda Carlson Memorial Award was set up to recognize JHS members who have gone "above and beyond" the call of duty to the society.  Brenda Carlson was a founding member of The Jacksonville Herpetological Society and a warm, friendly, loving individual who served the society as an officer. She acquired her love for herps through the educational programs that the JHS had to offer and expanded her interests in all types of herps. When my family became members of the JHS, Brenda was the Secretary and everyone has fond memories of her interest in ball pythons and her wearing hats. She passed away, much too soon due to cancer and the President of the JHS at that time, Dr. John Rossi, decided to create an annual award given to an outstanding member of the JHS (as chosen by the President) to honor her memory. One of the final acts that the outgoing President performs is to present this award annually at the June meeting.  We usually invite Dr. Rossi to make the presentation and also invite Brenda's family (who maintain their memberships to this day) to the meeting.

~Howard Cushnir

2005 recipient

Past recipients

2004 - Joel Roberts
2003 - Sandra Wade
2002 - Manny & Yvonne Granados
2001 - Mike Monlezun
2000 - Chuck Schaffer
1999 - Sharon & Ken Morgan
1998 -
1997 -
1996 -

Rob & Liz Shumaker

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