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August 2004

Bill Love - "Splendid Isolation" - Herping Across Madagascar

Bill Love gave us a presentation on the subject of his long-standing experience and expertise – SPLENDID ISOLATION - Herping Across Madagascar.  Bill has led annual ecotours to that isolated mini-continent in the western Indian Ocean since 1995, and been visiting it for even longer – since 1991.  His love of the island, its beautiful and unique wildlife and nature, and its culture and people was evident during every minute.

Bill’s slideshow featured an overview of the entire country of Madagascar, including a look at the varied topography, mammals, insects, plants, and people.  Although the emphasis focused on the incredible array of native reptiles and amphibians, many other life forms were shown.  Bill took great pride in trying to make you feel as if you are there with him on safari as this seasoned shutterbug shared his best images taken in the field.

Bill operates his company, Blue Chameleon Ventures, devoted to photography, writing, and exploring Madagascar, from his home in Alva in southwest Florida.  His publications include co-authoring and contributing photographically to The World’s Most Spectacular Reptiles & Amphibians, and The Corn Snake Manual with his wife Kathy.

Photos below:  left: Bill Love (right) with Manny Granados, who hosted Bill on his visit.  right: Uroplatus phantasticus (photo by Bill Love)




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