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Richard & Samantha Rooker were our guest speakers for August   This Old Reptile House

Richard and Samantha Rooker gave us an entertaining presentation entitled, "This Old Reptile House." Richard and Samantha, JHS members and owners and operators of AMAZOA REPTILES, showed us many of the animals that they breed at their home. Samantha gave us a guided tour of all of their favorite animals, including bearded dragons, bluetongue skink, redfoot tortoises, mountain tortoise, roughneck monitors, California kingsnakes, Austrailian water dragons, leopard geckos, savannah monitors, western hognose, mountain kingsnakes, pueblan milksnakes, diamond/carpet pythons, blood pythons, and Columbian boas. Richard stepped in to tell how he keeps his boas. They are very proud of their "salmon" boas, and rightfully so, which really need to be seen in person to be appreciated to the fullest extent.

Richard is a teacher at Forrest High School and has 32 years teaching experience. Samantha is a verterinary technician of 14 years. This is a great combination to be working with animals.

Another group of animals that they keep are the ones that nobody else wants. These rescued or otherwise deformed animals receive the best of care from the Rookers. This group includes a bearded dragon with only 2 left legs, and a blue tongue skink with a deformed spine. Another cool snake they bought last year is a western hognose with no eyes. Scales are in the place of the eyes. This snake has a good appetite and is growing well.

The Rookers will be at the National Reptile Breeders Expo in Dayton August 16-17. Stop by their booth to say "hi." They will show you pleanty from "Their Old Reptile House."

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