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Rodman Reservoir 2004

Here are the photos I took on the Rodman Reservoir field trip. We had a GREAT turn out and an awesome time!  Shame on those of you who didn't make it. Seriously, though, it is truly a fun trip that you will want to go on next year.

Thanks to all who attended.  We had about 30 people there, including Todd Breeze from the Gainesville Herpetological Society (and current JHS member also).  As usual, Rick Wells did most of the grunt work in the water.  I think the driest he ever was, was on the drive out there.  We caught very few herps, but it was still an awesome trip!  We got a little frustrated at the lack of herps, but the humor was still there.  We never did find that hand we were looking for.  Shawn Jenkins was one of the few who actually found a snake :)  Deep Creek was the highlight.  The water was VERY cool.  Many took part in diving off the top of the culverts, including Rick Wells death defying belly flop!  It took 30 minutes for the water to fill up again.  Enjoy the photos, and those who did not go this year, we will not accept any excuses next year for not going.  By the way Bob, don't forget to take your wallet out of your pocket BEFORE going in the water!

More photos will follow within the next week or two.
The north end of Rodman Reservoir looking from the bridge.   Note the perfectly straight extension.  Worthy of at least a 9.5!!!

Rick Wells and Glenn Baker took MANY turns going in for weeds.  Someone forgot to tell them to also bring up the herps!  



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