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Rodman Dam 2003

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Here are the photos I took on the Rodman Dam field trip. We had a GREAT turn out and an awesome time! Shame on those of you who didn't make it. Seriously, though, it is truely a fun trip that you will want to go on next year. These are the first 15 photos so far. I will get the rest up within the next day or so.

Thanks to all who attended, especially Dr. Rossi and Greg Lepera for assistence identifying a few of the critters found. We found several crawfish snakes, several species of sirens, an amphiuma, newts, several species of frogs in various stages, crawfish, and water bugs. During the walk in Deep Creek, we even saw a cooter laying eggs right in front of us. Floyd brough his air boat and gave many rides. Rick also had his canoe which provided a more tranquil ride. I tried to get everyone's picture. I apologize if I didn't.


Meet at Dunkin Donuts | Arrival and seining | Seining part 2 | Seining part 3 | Deep Creek 1 | Deep Creek 2

Man, that water is COLD at the bottom! Will you stop taking pictures?

Even little Georgia gets into it Manny, how can the Keys be better than this?

Cindy just chillin' for awhile Vic and Debbie finally make it.

Things that make you go hmmmmm! Howdy


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