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Alligator Lake

Sept 2003

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, most of the time. The day started out with a bang when Stephen Brezil caught a nice adult corn snake as soon as he started to walk out to the levees.
Alligator Lake, part II was a GREAT time for those who attended. We hope that more members can enjoy this trip the next time we go. There were many species of herps in the park, although only a few were seen during the day. This time of year yields the best hunting in the morning and afternoon. After spending the day in the park, we went road cruising in the Osceola National Forest nearby and found countless rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, ribbon snakes and even a glossy crawfish snake.

After a hard, hot morning, we took time for lunch at one of the pavilions. Left to right: Lynn, Sandra, Margery, Stephen, and Joel. Not pictured are Mike and Matt.
Stephen proudly displays the first catch of the day, a nice adult corn snake.
Frogs were aplenty at the lake. A green tree frog catches some of the morning rays before retreating to the shade.
Margery couldn't resist climbing the tree overhanging the water.
A spider dines on a caterpillar.
Pygmy rattlesnakes were common on the roads at dusk.
A hornets nest was hanging only about 5 feet off the ground!!! That could have been a painful discovery for the unwary.
Cottonmouths were also abundant. This young one was found as we were stopped on the side of the road identifying a DOR juvenile canebrake rattlesnake, which were also very common there.
Mike and Lynn take time for a pose in front of a beautiful swampy background.
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